Wednesday, 24 February 2010


So I was away in Asia for a year but now I'm back in my hometown of Coventry. I have a personal collection of over 700 photos of the Coventry graffiti scene from 2003 to the present day so I'd like to give my self the title as the 'collector' with the most photos of the Coventry graff scene. I recently went out with UK graff writer ABEL to document the local scene in my city and it has deteriorated to say the least.

It would seem that there is a new wave of younger writers coming up in the city with no respect for the older writers. I counted over 40 dogged pieces in just one trip around the city. It was never this bad when I was writing about a year ago. Anyways, being back out on the road brought back memorys of my days painting with TEAM NERVE and OAP. My new years resolution for 2010 - smash the city hard! Enjoy!

ABEL Trackside - Stoke Arches.

BORED Dub - Earlsdon Boards.

RICO Dub - Earlsdon.

ABEL Tag - Stoke.

STRAID - Earlsdon Boards

ABEL Rooftop - Earlsdon.

FOURTY EIGHT Piece - Earlsdon Boards.

LOVE-ABEL Dubs - Stoke Arches.

GESA Dub - Earlsdon.

ABEL Dub - Whitley Common.

SKANK Dub - Earlsdon Boards.

RICO Dub - Whitley Common.