Sunday, 25 July 2010

Travel: Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is an amazing city! I was there for 4 days and managed to cover most of it with a rented bicycle. Barcelona oozes creativity with paintings, sculptures and immense architecture everywhere you look. The locals are really friendly and helped me find places several times. I dident like the fact that everything is so expensive there. I got 103 euros for £100 which was a very bad exchange rate. But apart from that everything was excellent. The beach was nice and clean. The fashion isn't saying much but the graffiti scene is killing it - easily one of the top graffiti citys in Europe. A new article will follow shortly after this one about Barcelonas graffiti scene. Enjoy!

Rusting modern art on Barceloneta Beach.

I found this structure/sculpture near Hotel Arts.

I really liked the vibrant red in this flower so I photographed it.

'La Parella' by Lautaro Diaz

Another rusting sculpture/structure on Barceloneta Beach.

Hotel Vela.

Street Life: Kid drawing on the street.

A customised building on Ronda De Sant Pau

Antonio Gaudis famous unfinished cathedral 'Sagrada Familia'.

Torre Agbar

Antonio Gaudis 'Casa Mila La Pedrera'.

Antonio Gaudis 'Casa Batllo'

The local government in Barcelona encourage people to ride bicycles and I have to say Barcelona is one of the most cycle friendly cities I've ever been too.

West Barcelona at sunset.

Pla├ža d'Europa

This was the 3speed bike that I rented for 20euro.

Placa d'Espanya

Palau Nacional at night.

I cycled all the way to the top of a mountain at 2am to get this shot. Looking down over Barcelona city.

Christoper Columbus monument.

'Cat' by Fernando Botero

Barceloneta beach.


  1. nice photes dude! they are dwawing octopi on the streets in spain... argh!