Saturday, 16 October 2010

Graffiti: Bangkok, Thailand.

So during my year of living in Bangkok, I got into the routine of documenting street art once a week every week for the whole time I was there. I ended up with a collection of around 2500+ photos of just pure Bangkok street art and graffiti. The writers which I found were up the most around Bangkok for the whole time I was there were SHOCK, ALEX, REA, ZIDS, KLONE, DSK, PMTS.

I decided to dig into my collection of graffiti photos because I wanted to make an article about Bangkok graffiti just to let people know its there! Bangkok has a really good graffiti scene and it doesent get the amount of attention it deserves on the international scene. I actually think its a graffiti writers paradise. Amazing weather - 85% of the time dry, decent paint for 35THB (70 pence) a can, police dont even bother to chase you if they see you writing graffiti and if you get caught, you can pay them of as most police officers in Bangkok will accept bribes. All of these photos are from 2009 and i've only selected my favourite. Enjoy!

Oh yeah and by the way BNE has Bangkok on lockdown!


  1. what is BNE, those stickers were/are an eye sore hehe. wicked photes mate

  2. Cool photos. I'm interested about the graff scene going on in BKK.i'm going to study in there for 6months. what we're doing during your stay in bangkok? studying or..? peace,henry