Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lifestyle: A Weekend in Dalston.

So I spent the weekend in Dalston, East London. Apparently Dalston is the new 'cool' area of London. I got to admit when I first got of the train there, it did look like a shit hole! But when I got to explore the surrounding area, it turned out to be pretty sick! The graffiti scene is alright and there is bare Fixed kids riding the street. I noticed that Dalston in the day is completely different to Dalston at night. At night, Dalston comes alive and everyone is out about and there is just a real nice vibe on the street! I went to some club called Alibi - the music was quality! I came outside for a fag and the photos started there. I also shot a few new paintings down on Brick Lane and photographed some new underground exhibition in Dalston. Enjoy!

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