Sunday, 6 December 2009

Music: A day with Pint Shot Riot in London.

So this was the first time I'd worked with Pint Shot Riot in over a year. The band were in London for PR meetings, interviews and a gig that evening in Shoreditch. In the daytime, Pint Shot Riot had a Pod Cast interview with Game Spot to discuss the bands music being played on EA Games 'FIFA 10' and 'The Sims'.

The PSR boys being interviewed for the Game Spot Podcast.

When the guys had finished the podcast, I took them to a location nearby which I had previously spotted to do a photoshoot. It was inside some deep set arches which were very industrial and grimey. The lighting wasn't that great, but I managed to work my way around it. Below is one of the images that I produced from that particular shoot.

When we had finished the shoot at the arches, we headed up to the venue where PSR were playing that eveing. It was called the 333 Mother Bar on Old Street just off Hoxton Square, Shorditch, London. The venue was impressive with the walls covered in Shepard Faireys OBEY art work, a vintage town house vibe going on, very inviting. Pint Shot Riot came on to the stage around 10pm and literally tore the place down. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd showed extreme satisfaction and excitement as the lads from Coventry did there thing on stage and as always put on an excellent show.

Pint Shot Riot are an up and coming UK indie band and if you would like to hear more of their material or be informed of their latest developments from future gigs to single releases, you should check


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  1. Yes, I do like UK indie music (or virtually any UK music). Checked out their site and gooood stuff, thank you for posting!