Sunday, 6 December 2009

Music: The Original Rude Boy.

Legendary Neville Staples of Coventry 2-tone band The Specials made a return journey back to his hometown for a book signing collaboration with the recently opened Vans store on Coventrys Burges. Releasing his first book about his life in the band was a piece of cake as fans of the world renowned 'The Specials' flocked to the store for autographs and photos with the original 'Rude Boy'. The Specials most recognizable hits are in my opinion 'Too much Too young', 'Ghost Town' and 'A message to you Rudy'. You should check out these tracks if your not familiar with The Specials already. I took this picture using my Vitacon 'Ultra Super Wide' Conversion Lens using just the sun as my source of light.

This is one of my favourite tracks by The Specials -

For my photos from the book signing, check out The Vans Store Facebook here . Enjoy!

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