Sunday, 21 March 2010

Music: 2 Sucka DJ's rinse Demand.

Artists at work.

So last night was Pipe Downs March event at Demand nightclub in Coventry, UK. 2 Sucka DJ's were on supporting main act Tomb Crew from London, UK. 2 Sucka DJ's kicked there set of at round 10:15pm and had an hour to go wragz with the music. Although the set up was terrible with CDJ's not working correctly and bad sound, 2 Sucka DJ's still managed to pull of a great show. By the time Tomb Crew had come on to do there set, a large number of people were already leaving the venue, as if they had only came to see the mighty 2 Sucka DJ's. To get free mixes from 2 Sucka DJ's and to be kept up to date with all the latest infomation from this immense DJ duo, join there group on facebook -

Sell out crowd.

Volatile Light.

Richy Rich and P DOT.


We're mostly Vans kids.

Rinsed it!

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