Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Recent creations from UK graffiti writer SEPA

So over the last few months, SEPA's slowly but surely been getting back into sketchin and being more creative with his graffiti designs. He's been customising sneakers quite a lot lately and he's been working on canvas paintings too aswell as doing a bit of body art. As far as being on the streets is concerned, he's been bombing here and there but nothing hardcore. After being given around 100 slap tags from Coventry king ABLE, he went around slapping them up mostly around the city centre and the bus network, but now he's ran out of supplys. For now, he's just gonna focus on his canvas work and sketches and continue to bomb here and there!


Blackbook - Different Styles

Some pens

Cutomised Sneakers - Adidas Stan Smith

SEPA on some sexy back.

Props to PEHKS for this one.

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