Saturday, 12 June 2010

Homeless people.

I like to take photos of homeless people. They are an interesting subject, but dangerous nevertheless. Taking photos of homeless people will either result in a great picture, or getting your camera robbed. Fortunately for me, I've never been robbed and I dont wanna jinx it either. Heres a few shots from my collection of homeless people from around Asia and the UK.

I took this shot of an old man sleeping underneath a bridge in Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong. I was out wandering the streets in the early morning looking to photograph street art and street life when I found this dude had set up camp underneath the bridge so I just had to snap. I used my fish eye converter lens to make it a little abstract.

I used to walk past this guy everyday when I was walking for the BTS in Ekkamai, Bangkok Thailand. He used to have conversations with himself in Thai and always smell of urine. He used to sleep all day on a sheet of cardboard near a building site on the Sukumvit Road and then he'd wander the streets at night with his dog - probably his only companion. In Thailand, you really have to feel sorry for homeless people because from what I could see, there really was nothing to help them. Especially this guy who had some sort of mental difficulty and health care in Thailand is all private. Homeless people in England really have no excuses because there is so many charitys dedicated to taking them of the street, but in Thailand there is nothing.

In my head, I used to call this woman 'bag head' because she would rap her self in bags and then make a cushion from bags and then beg on the streets. I used to see her daily in Central, Hong Kong.

I took this shot quite recently when I was in London, England. I seen him when I was coming out of London Bridge tube station and just had to ask him for the photo. In the end, I ended up paying him £2 for the shot which was alright. The guy was English and we had a bit of a chat about where the photos were going and he seemed to have a sense of humor. I dont get why British nationals are still on the streets of UK citys - it's 2010, not 1886. If the government pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, they'd have more than enough money to put the British homeless people into council houses and put them on rehabilitation programmes and bring them back into society. As for all the foreign homeless people in the UK and the majority of foreign homeless people are of Easter European origin, those guys and girls need to be sent the fuck back home. EU nationals have the extrodinary chance of being able to come to the UK and look for work and enjoy the benefits and qualitys of being in the UK - something people from around the world could only dream of and then you have these cheeky fucks who come here and then just beg on the streets instead of getting proper jobs. No thank you.

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