Friday, 11 June 2010

London at Night.

So after spending a week back up in Coventry working to raise money for a possible trip to Paris, I'm back in London and focusing on my night shots. I just brought a external shutter remote for £5.99 off to reduce the risk of getting shakey pictures. I shot at some of the tourist spots around London, but I also went to some of the residential areas too. If you think you could of took my shots better, please dont hesitate to comment because I want advice and guidence because I want to be the best. YES!

Down near Canary Wharf.

Old industrial cranes at Millwall Dock.

Pan Peninsula, the tallest residential building in Britain at Canary Wharf.

Electronic light sculptures at Canary Wharf.

Tower Bridge. I modified the picture to B+W using Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create a more classic look.

I took this shot of Tower Bridge from the north side of the river. I stood in the middle of the road with my tripod and waited for a bus to come past to create the higher lines of light.

The Houses of Parliament.

The houses of Parliament again from a different angle. Taken from the bottom of the bridge.

The London Eye. I took this shot from the other side of the river. I was trying to find the best location to shoot it at night but i dident have any look with the lens' I was using so I just decided to go for a simple straight on view.

I took this shot from Millenium Bridge. I finally chose the portrait view of the landscape because I think it makes it look more abstract. I like the fade of blues in the sky.

I also took this shot of Millenium Bridge looking east towards Tower Bridge. I like how dramatic the clouds are and the contrast they make with the blue skys. I also like the reflection of light on the water.

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