Monday, 4 October 2010

Graffiti: Birmingham Graffiti - Update!

So I went up to Birmingham for the weekend to photograph graffiti and see a friend. The weather was horrible for the whole 2 days I stayed there - heavy windy rains. I managed to get my self up to the Digbeth area of Birmingham which is where you'll find most of the quality paintings. NFA crew and 48 had some really good collaberations going on. I wanted to get down into the rain water overflow tunnel which runs diagnal through the city but the water was too high because of all of the heavy rain over the last few days. Photographing in these conditions was a bit annoying. I dident have a plastic bag to cover my lens and the rain kept going on to my lens. Anyways, this is what I found - Enjoy!

I seen this up quite a lot over the Digbeth area.

Character dub by NEWSO of 48.

Full colour dub by MEKS.

Full colour collaberation between the 48.

Cardboard paste up!

Full colour collaberation between 48 and NFA - quite possibly the best two graffiti crews in the West Midlands right now.

Full colour dub by BORES of NFA.

This is the rainwater overflow tunnel that I really wanted to get down to photograph but as you can see the rain water has increased the levels of water going through making it virtually impossible to go down there without getting swept away.

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  1. Yes Kev, loving your progress mate, well proud to see how far you've taken your work. Happy birthday and all the best with the future, Take N1C ;D x