Friday, 1 October 2010

Graffiti: Central London Graffiti

So I was walking to the Tate Modern the other day to check out some exhibition as part of my course when I walked past Southbanks legal graffiti wall. I met two writers called SLUGS and DUSR who were really cool. I went of around Southbank and photographed some graffiti paintings and then went back to meet SLUGS and DUSR who offered to take me to Waterloo to see a recent painting put up by the world famous Los Angeles legend REVOK. Obviously I jumped on the oppotunity to go and see a real REVOK painting. I've been a keen fan of his work for years and to get the chance to see one of his real paintings was pure excitement for me! Unfortunately when I got to the place where you can see the painting which is located on a rooftop trackside, I wasent really in a good position to get the perfect shot. But I did the best I could. Enjoy!

DUSR posing next to his freshly painted duo dub with SLUGS.

GESOTETZ? I cant really read this, but I'm loving the union jack fill.

Breaky Style? Where have you seen this style before?

Character painting by SKIRL.

And finally.. the REVOK trackside painting near Waterloo. For those of you who dont know who REVOK is, hes one of the Los Angeles graffiti legends. He writes the for the MSK crew (Mad Society Kings) and is world renowned. He is one of my heros in graffiti culture and I was extremely happy to photograph this painting by him. I wish I could of touched it! To learn more about REVOK, check this video -

Thats it for now, but stay locked to Itchy Labels for more upcoming articles about world wide STREET CULTURE!

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