Sunday, 22 November 2009

Street Life: Death in Hong Kong.

So on my last day in Hong Kong, I walked into Tshim Sha Tsui (A district in Kowloon) to get my self a McDonalds breakfast and continue reading Richard Bransons autobiography. On my walk home, I was just admiring the view of the harbour when a dead squid caught my eye. I was looking at it in amazement, because I was watching some mad documentary the previous night on giant squid in America. Anyways, out of nowhere I heard these random sirens going off and they were heading exactly to where I was standing. It turned out there was a dead woman floating in the water about 2 meters away from the squid that i was staring at but I couldent see it because the corpse was around the corner. This massive drama/rescue attempt/madness broke out all around me and I was right in the middle of it. With out hesitation, I took my camera out of my bag and started snapping. Turns out this woman took a cyanide pill, then ended her life by jumping into the water. I was in the biggest state of shock, I dident know how to react. One minute I'm looking at a dead squid, next minute I'm taking photos of some dead woman and that. It was a well random day, but ended well when I dident have to wait around Survanabhumi Intl for a flight to Dubai.

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