Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Street Life: Swimming with the fishes.

So I was teaching English in a school in the Ramkhemheng area of Bangkok. One day after I had finished teaching, I had a photography job to do in the Lad Prao area of Bangkok. As I was leaving the school I teach in, I received a call from an American friend telling me they had pulled a body out of the river so I took the boat up to Mahad Thai bridge.

As I got of the boat, there was a crowd of people gorping at this corpse covered by a white blanket. I took my camera out and a police officer asked me if i'd like to take photos. So I started snapping away at this rotting cut up corpse that had been pulled from the muddy depths of the BKK canal system The smell was something 'new' for me - it's not everyday you get to smell dead people. It turns out that the guy was Nigerian. He was all cut up around his eye and throat. It was obvious that this was murder. Why he was murdered is still a mystery to me. After taking these photos, I never went to enquire about what had happened. This guy was the first dead person I've ever seen. I was just in a state of shock for the rest of the day. Anyways, shit happens. Wounded if your a dead Nigerian in Bangkok, Thailand.

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