Sunday, 22 November 2009

Travel: Super Singapore!

So I went to stay in Singapore for a week and it was amazing. Singapore located at the southern tip of Malaysia is one of the financial powerhouses of south east asia. The streets are clean, public transport is efficient and always on time and I'd say Singapore would be a wicked place to live. The girls are hot, but not as fashionable as there Hong Kong counterparts.

If you like drugs, Singapore is NOT the place to be as they have a zero tolerance approach to drug use and being in possession of even the smallest amount of drugs carrys the death penalty. Talk about being conservative!

If you live in Bangkok, get out of that shit hole and take advantage of the rediculously cheap prices for bus travel. You can get 3 buses from Bangkok to SG for under 2000THB, thats like under £40. As far as places to stay are concerned, I stayed with my ladies. But I know theres a hostel on Geylang 27 where you can stay for SG$18 a night which is cheap as chips! GO SINGAPORE!

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